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4 key things you should know about

Medicare Supplement Insurance  


Medicare supplement insurance can also be refereed to as medigap


Medicare supplement covers portions of your co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles, and other costs that may not be covered by medicare parts a & B


Medicare eligibility requires you to be enrolled in parts a & B and be over 65


Florida has over 9 medicare supplement options. Each has its own benefits and costs

Basic benefits of Medicare Supplement Insurance / Medigap plans

There are 9 different types of expenses that Medicare Supplement insurance policies can cover. Each standardized Medigap plan option has a different combination of benefits. Plan F is the only plan that covers all 9 types of expenses.

All Medigap plan options cover the following 4 Medicare costs:

  • Part A hospital care co-insurance

  • Part A hospice care co-insurance or co-payment

  • Part B co-insurance or co-payment

  • First 3 pints of blood

Some plan options cover some or all of the following 5 Medicare costs:

  • Part A deductible

  • Part B deductible

  • Part B excess charges

  • Part A skilled nursing care co-insurance

  • Foreign travel emergency care

Medicare / Medigap eligibility and pre-existing conditions


To be eligible for Medicare Supplement insurance, you must be:

  1. Enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B (Original Medicare)

  2. 65 or older, or have a disability

Your eligibility to purchase a Medigap policy first begins when you are at least age 65 and are receiving Medicare Part B benefits. The first six months that you meet these eligibility requirements are called your Medigap open enrollment period, during which you have guaranteed issue rights. These rights allow you to purchase any of the 10 types of Medigap plans that are available in your area, without any regard to preexisting health conditions.


You should always apply for a policy during the open enrollment period. That’s because, during this period, insurers are not allowed to deny you a policy or raise your rates because of past health problems.

When you buy outside of the open enrollment period, the protection may not be there. In this situation, insurers may raise your rates or choose to not offer you a policy because of your past health problems and it may be more difficult for you to buy a Medicare Supplement Insurance policy.

Medicare Coverage

  1. Each part of Medicare covers  different services.

  2. Original Medicare (Parts A & B) provide standard benefits that don’t change.

  3. Medicare Part C & Medicare Part D benefits depend on the plan you choose.

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) does not usually require recipients to pay a monthly premium. Medicare Part A includes coverage for:

  • Inpatient hospital stays

  • Hospice care

  • Skilled nursing facility care

  • Some home health care

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B (medical insurance) is optional and usually requires a monthly premium. Medicare Part B includes coverage for:

  • Certain doctors services

  • Outpatient care

  • Medical supplies

  • Preventative services

Visit the medicare official government site for more information on medicare part a and b

Medicare Part C 

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) is not administered by the federal government. Instead, it is sold by private insurance companies as a replacement for Original Medicare benefits. By law, Medicare Advantage plans must provide at least the same benefits as Original Medicare. Sometimes, Medicare Advantage plans will include prescription drug coverage, vision, dental or wellness programs, depending on which plan you choose. 


Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D (prescription drug plan) is sold through private insurance companies to help cover the costs of prescription medications. If you think Medicare Part D is right for you, it is important to enroll in a plan when you are first eligible so that you do not have to pay a late enrollment penalty.

If you are enrolled in a Medicare Part C plan that includes prescription drug coverage, you are not eligible to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan. If you do enroll in a Medicare Part D plan while you have Medicare Advantage, you will likely be dis-enrolled from Medicare Part C and automatically enrolled in Original Medicare.

At South Florida Medicare Specialists, we offer medigap and medicare advantage plans to cover Medicare Part D.


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